What is Racquet Customization?

Racquet customization is simply customizing your racquet equipment to maximize its performance. Racquet customization can alter the control, feel, power, maneuverability, spin, stability and sweetspot location of a tennis, badminton or squash racquet by modifying the grip and frame. Players customize their racquet equipment because it is impossible for manufacturers to produce a racquet that is perfectly suited for their unique playing style.


Do You Need Racquet Customization?

To some extent, you are already customizing your racquet equipment to your specific needs because you have taken the time to pick out a suitable racquet while making sure the grip size is correct. Furthermore, our racquet stringing service allows you to experiment with literally thousands of string combinations.

So do you need racquet customization? Any player at any level can benefit from racquet customization. Almost all professional racquet sports players customize their racquets and a growing number of recreational players are too. If you are looking to seriously improve your game, then racquet customization is for you. We are confident we can make your racquet equipment feel and play better.


Our Customization Services

There are always manufacturing variances in balance, static weight and swing weight of any one particular racquet, therefore, placing weights at the same location on all your racquets will not produce the same results. Here is where racquet customization comes in. It allows you to make all your racquets feel the same so that your changeover is seamless. Racquet customization also gives you the flexibility to modify your racquet equipment’s specifications to better suit your game. Our highly trained racquet technicians at All-Court Sports use state of the art diagnostic equipment to ensure you get positive results.

Here is a complete list of our customization services:

  • Grip modifications
  • Grommet repair and replacement
  • On-court consultation
  • Racquet balance, static weight, swing weight and twist weight modifications

Racquet customization is often a reversible procedure. If one particular setup is not working for you, we can simply remove or further alter the modification. Keep in mind that racquet customization is a trial and error process. Once we pinpoint what you are looking for, minor tweaking may be necessary to make your racquet equipment feel perfect for you.


We are Here to Help!

If you are a serious recreational player or a touring professional, let All-Court Sports help you take your game to the next level. We are confident that any player can benefit from this service. Contact Us at our store today for a quote or to book an appointment for an on-court consultation.